Putrajaya Urban Analysis

Research Subject : Putrajaya Urban Condition Survey In Pursuit of a Dynamic Putrajaya
Conducted in : September 2011
Conducted at : Putrajaya Core Island Precinct 1-4
Data Collection by : Mustar Studio / Master of Architecture Urban Design Studio Sept 2011-Jan 2012
Review & Analysis by : Qhawarizmi Norhisham & Yasmin Rahman

In order to understand the urban fabric, a series of surveys and interviews were held with a sample group of 300 people in and around Putrajaya. The data was collected to further develop seven urban design proposals within the core island (precinct 2, 3 & 4). Below are a few sample questions & responses that have been obtained from the survey.

Q1: From your observation, besides government servants, what type of user group utilises the public facilities in this area? (Respondents were able to tick more than one answer)
Dominant user group would be the foreign and local tourist, followed by a number of private companies worker. Students from institution of higher learning and schools filled up the remaining 18%.

Q2: What ACTIVITY would you PREFER TO DO? (Respondents were able to tick more than one answer)
In the morning, most of the respondent would love to go to work. But, a few still would enjoy to go for sport activities and leisure.
Contrary in the afternoon, almost equal number of respondent would like to work and leisure.
In the evening, most of the respondent would like to leisure and working is the least preferred activity in the evening.
In the night, sport, leisure and work activates take a significant portion of the whole respondent preference.
Overall activities favored by the responded is work related activities, follow by leisure, sight seeing and sport.

Q3:Please state what is your public space preference.
Almost all (99%) of the respondent agree the nature of public space is fine, either it is outdoor or indoor.

Q4: What scale of business activities would you prefer to have in precinct 2, 3 and 4. (Respondents were able to tick more than one answer)
Precinct 2 area receive a lot of suggestion for mid size shop lots of commercial area. This also happened in Precinct 3.
Ironically, in Precinct 4, commercial worth the scale of shopping complex is least favored. (Even though it is zoned specifically for that purpose).
Hypothesis that we can make here that the public is not well informed or aware about the future land use of Precinct 4 and answer the question base on the current condition.
As a overview, most of the respondent feel most comfortable with a mid size commercial outlet in all 3 precinct.

(To obtain the full version of this 18 question analysis,  please contact us at mdrxa.hq@gmail.com)

One among the seven proposals can be further viewed at,
Resurrection of A Legacy (2011)

The exhibited proposals and the survey results were exhibited at
PJH Exhibition,Pullman Hotel Putrajaya and
Consequences of Urbanism