Book Title : PORTRAITS, 2015
Type : Perfect bind 310 gsm matt lamination / dim 205x245mm
Pages: 86 full color 105gsm incl. Cover
Editors : Q. Norhisham, Y.Rahman & S. Sharif
Content : Compilation of 22 Interior Design proposals by Bachelor of Interior Architecture Students, Taylors University MALAYSIA.
Studio Master : Sofia Sharif & Qhawarizmi Norhisham
Status : Sold Out

The idea of spatial design revolves around economy, social, and cultural connotation. Through time, all these has changed tremendously, and the future will pose new and unpredictable challenges. My relentless pursuit in ideals of spatial conurbation in the realm of academics is enforced by the unlimited possibility of what the world could be and become. This collection of students work encapsulates the new paradigm shift in thinking about spatial design. Trough discussions, debate and testing, the students ventured into the unknown in search of possibilities to improve the intangible quality of space. Together, we reeducate ourselves how space could evolve into distinctively unique individual projects. This book is a small reflection of design and research work undertaken by the students during the semester, and a testament of our rigorous partnership and dedication. I hope all the students learn valuable life experiences, with renewed interest in spatial design. New appreciation towards spatial quality should be a lifelong design tool to stay naïve and honest in making design decisions. As both of these qualities enable us to discover new meaning in everyday activities and enrich people’s life trough design.

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