By 2050, the world will welcome another 3 billion people. A 70% increase of global food production will be needed to feed the upcoming population. To make matters worse, climate change has significantly altered life on our planet, thus destructing millions of dollars worth of crop due to natural disasters and bad weather. The theory brought forward suggests that, is more sustainable and economically viable to construct a multi storey precision farm as compared to persisting with the conventional farming methods currently used to cater the upcoming population in our country.

Precision farming is a method slowly being implemented worldwide due to our limited amount of resources. In precision farming, the plant is given only what it requires. Therefore wastage in terms of water, energy, sunlight, nutrients and crop loss can completely be minimized. Moreover, this method increases yield, produces better quality crop, and can be farmed within city limits, thus minimizing food miles.

Material: 150gsm art paper printed on both sides
Size: Open 500x700mm, Folded 250x100mm
Price: MYR10 SGD8 IDR60,000 USD8 GBP4 EUR5

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