Vertical Agglomeration

Project Tittle : Vertical Agglomeration (2010)
Site : Central Station, Sydney Australia
Program : Intensification of Urban Grain. Housing, Commercial, Air Rail, Transport Hub, Recreational, Education Institution and Entertainment.
Project Team : Qhawarizmi Norhisham, Khairul Izzudin Hifni, Ibrahim Nasir, Izzat Zunaidi, Liliyati Basri, Mayamin Yuhaniz

Issues & Potential
The urban structure of Sydney formed was an exceptionally large agglomeration. It affected socially and environmentally by having the metropolitan train services not capable to cater low dense population through out the suburban region. This leads to the bigger issue to outfit the rising population in the city centre; which homelessness crisis took the domino effect from the sprawling development.

Project Setting
Sydney Central Railway Station. Located on the heart of the City of Sydney, the Central Railway Station is the largest railway station in Australia. It is located on the southern end of the central business district (CBD). It services almost all of the lines on the CityRail network, and is the major terminus for interurban and interstate rail services. The station actually constitute of two closely placed train station. The western partial of Central Station, which is known as Sydney Terminal comprises 15 terminal platforms and was opened in 1906.

Vertical agglomeration is a ‘phase by phase’ urbanization that could sustain the density of Sydney compactly to ceased urban sprawling. To avoid obscurity, phased approaches will be promoted to slowly integrate into their lifestyle. The intervention will start at one point as a module. When the density had come to its maximum potential, another module will be introduce according to the reasonable character of the site. Soon the scheme will spread out around the city and evolve Sydney into a more sustainable metropolis.

Many of my rendered perspective work were merely just a photoshop produce. I learned these techniques on my own by observing the interplay of light and shadow in architectural magazines. The top most picture is the original raw image that was exported from a skethup file. The image are made ready for post work editing as shading and shadow is already on.
Note that the edges line of the geometry is removed. All the corroded steel framework was done individually by selecting each layer. People are placed both in the buildings and outside. Sun rays can be seen penetrating the structure. A real photo of the Central Station is juxtaposed to give it a contextual ambiance.

Potentialities of Places
International Urban Design Workshop
ISBN 978-967-13453-0-6
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Published in 2015