The Vessel

Project Tittle : The Vessel-A Vascular Housing System (2010)
Site : Jalan Pantai Permai 2, Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur
Program : Multiple Residential Housing / Duplex
Project Team: Yasmin Rahman

The site investigation was rather a rational take as by looking deeper into the daily lifestyle and the current economic issues of the residence in Pantai Dalam it was pretty clear that agriculture was one of the main potential income as the site was the heart of a busy market every weekend as well as a bazaar during the month of Ramadhan for the past many  years. It was only natural that this factor should be further nourished. Therefore, before segregating the land into a commercial and residential section, the idea was to maintain and enhance the existing market area for this community to continue without disrupting its economy. It was a win-win situation as the housing section was placed in the quieter and greener surrounding.

The site was the major factor limiting the design master plan as each section of the building was designed specifically to address the major influencing factors such as its outward views into existing green pockets surrounding the site, diminishing noise of the busy road by implementing cantilevered units as well as sustaining the scarce piece of greenery existing on the site.

The housing units are designed in a rectilinear order for an east-west orientation to reduce heat absorption. I made various schemes to multiply a single unit. The majority of the design process was thoroughly attempted by the exploration of 3D digital models. The overall system seemed to undertake a rather natural process of repetition as the only factor of unit position was fully influenced by the initial site investigation.



Full 3.5 meter stretch of the printed presentation board.

Sixth Prize Winner Green Affordable Residential Challenge [National]
Urban Social Housing 2010
3rd Dec 2010

Top 10 Finalist
 IGEM: Dare to Dream Challenge 2010 [National]
‘A Green New Deal’
14th Oct 2010

PAM Annual Student Exibition One Utama 2011
One Utama Shopping Center
3 Oct 2011 -9 Oct 2011

TERANG! Booth Design Competition
XXIII Architectural Workshop 2011, UTM Johor
12 June 2011-16 June 2011

Student Selected Work Display for Internal & External Review 2011
Dewan Sri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam
May 2011

Selangor Property Expo Exhibition (SELPLEX) 2010
Shah Alam Convention Center
29 October 2010 – 31 October 2010

Dare to Dream Challenge Booklet (2010)
IGEM 2010: A Green New Deal
page 22-23