The Age of Machine

Project Tittle : The Age of Machine (2010)
Site : Hypothetical Vacant Block
Program : Outfitted Power Plant, Military Installment.
Project Team : Qhawarizmi Norhisham
Type : Manual technical drawing, Hand render, Photoshop juxtaposition

During the horror of war, the role of structures and buildings evolved beyond their original purpose. Due to the depressing situation, buildings are expected to be totally functional very much like a machine. Buildings are no longer seen as a passive object, it is expected to participate in the cause of war. The architecture later translates into a non aesthetic process of thinking, building and usage of building for those times.


The structure shown above is a conversion of an oval block into a power station. The void (which is considered as a luxury during that time) in the middle of the building is occupied by an engine that produces electricity form the combustion of oil. The immense heat of the building is used to heat up air that flows into chilly underground shelters. The process releases smoke up on top of the building.