Shards of Hope

Project Tittle : Shards of Hope (2011)
Site : Hypothetical War Zone
Program : Self Sufficient Life Support Kit
Project Team : Qhawarizmi Norhisham, Yasmin Rahman

Shards puncture buildings by heli drop.

War is eminent. During the hard time of war there is nothing more valuable than life itself. Citizens of the war-torn country suffer from a lack of basic needs especially clean drinking water, food, and medicine. The military are out sourced as the government’s resources were spent for the cause of war. In this dark age, a private conglomeration deploys thousands of shards around critical areas to help the godforsaken survivors. These shards contain what might be the foundation of the new post war life. They are delivered via helicopter to and are ‘grown’ on highland in a top secret private facility.  As they reach their desired destination, the shards are dropped, numerous times even puncturing buildings. The shards convey the message of hope in this remorse of the war. Behind this very steel that once made to produce the weapon of war, lies hope for tomorrow and humanity.

A detailed segmentation of the shard.

The shards are manufactured or ‘grown’ in a top secret facility before they are ready for deployment. The center controls and monitor each shard deployed and for security reasons all the operation are carried out in underground tunnels. Any abuse of military usage detected will be taken into action and retrieved back. Each shard has an average 3 years lifespan, enough to actuate and embark a new life after the war.

Survivors discover one of the shard in a gas refinery.

XXIII Architectural Workshop 2011 – TERANG!
Univesiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Skudai
12 June 2011-14 June 2011