Resurrection of A Legacy

Project Tittle : Resurrection of A Legacy (2011)
Site : Putrajaya, Malaysia
Program : Urban Public Park, Commercial Complex, Transportation Hub
Project Team : Qhawarizmi Norhisham, Yasmin Rahman, Abdurrahman Rashdi, Razi Ismail
Supervisor : Assoc. Prof. Syed Sobri Zubir

The project is a homage to the prime ministers of Malaysia in a from of urban public space and an urban park that sits in the Core Island of Putrajaya. The project located at Dataran Rakyat,  one of the four squares embellishing the 4km Boulevard on Putrajaya’s Core Island. It is set in between two parks, namely Taman Rakyat 1 and 2 creating a perpendicular ‘Axis of the People’. Informative boards containing descriptive writings about our former prime ministers, as well as procurable information of flora and fauna within the vicinity of Putrajaya is located along the park. This stretch of open public space connecting both the east and west waterfronts holds a crucial role in the future development of Putrajaya as it will become the main transit hub connecting two intersecting monorail lines. The centrality of the park provides a much needed urban intervention to further enliven the city.

Putrajaya is expected to have 7 times as much traffic by 2025, contributing to an enormous amount of carbon emission by this operation alone. Putrajaya’s effort to be a Garden City is backfiring as the effort to keep up its greenery is actually taking a toll on the environment. Both these unsustainable urban operations completely deprive Putrajaya from achieving its Green City status by 2025. Taman Rakyat itself was intended to celebrate our former Prime Ministers, yet its effort is poorly presented on a single piece of board. Both these contraventions enable a resurrection of the Nation’s leaders and a legacy of a natural heritage.

The idea of this new urban intervention starts by looking at our National pride in monumental open urban space as a model for Putrajaya. Taking Dataran Merdeka as a mode of magnificent landscape that portray the nation struggle for independance. Dataran Merdeka is one of the most precious urban space in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Serve as the nation historic site symbolise the empowerment of the people gaining freedom and independence from colonial power.

The proposed surgical urban intervention is established from relative zoning such as the major pedestrian network, connection between blocks, and by carving the entrance foyer and the waterfront square. its program layering is based on neighboring zoning and penetrating the traffic artery. all these factors shape the micro placement of this massive development in the center of putrajaya along Taman Rakyat.

The design started by zoning the potential programs and identifying the existing allocated landuse near the site. factors to improve the commercial and residential linkage were greatly considered.
The next step was to identify projected potential pedestrian routes. this new pedestrian pattern influenced the surgical slicing of the site as its main intention was to improve the connection between the north and south areas of the site so the development will not act as a boundary but complement the surrounding development instead. as the Desirable linkage of the future might arise due to large development plot, it restricts pedestrian linkage. therefore Primary pedestrian routes are mapped in between adjacent development.

Shopping experience from the nearby development wont stop even changing one shop to the other. The intervention soaks in the surrounding program on both ends of the waterfront, are two open public squares that are carved in relation with the water body. This semi circular bay provides much desirable view of the waterfront. both these spaces are used to cater large crowds. Tapping heavy traffic capacity of the boulevard to increase retail value of the shopping complex lots. Giving much needed exposure towards merchandise or product to the passing traffic. Small and mid size enterprises are inserted to support the surrounding development consisting of several mixed developments and residential landuse. Complimentary programs are added to increase livability.

The legacy of our prime ministers will resurrect through built form dedicated as public space to the people. The proposed intervention takes the thought and ideologies of these great leaders and manifests them into viable urban spaces along the new park that enhance Putrajaya’s walkability, connectivity, urban energy and sense of vibrancy. By experiencing these spaces, both Malaysians and tourists can have an in depth understanding of their ideology, sacrifices and tribute to the nation.

Converting Dataran Rakyat and Taman Rakyat into the principal urban landscape spine in the Core Island that brings attributes of the nation’s visions and the visionary thought of our former Prime Ministers. The new park along the newly created axis of the people, was created by a process of formation through archipelago or islands, sparking new opportunity for the park future. The urban public realm is pushed to its highest most extend as its original land use is not only retained, but manifested into a social, economical and historical landmark of Malaysia.

The lush variety of tropical plants, flowers and fruits on this 22.9 acre development not only contributes to a sustainable green city but also portrays malaysia’s vast variety of tropical species as precious gems. visitors can enjoy a beautiful greenery not far from home within the city walls. The new park along the newly created axis of the people, was created by a process of formation through archipelago or islands, sparking new opportunity for the park future. these islands consists of 4 main typologies which include long and gentle slopes, open flat deltas, interconnected islands and isolated steep islands.

The long and gentle slope
The undulating landscape and gentle sloping of the land give relaxing climb. Provide a lot of relaxation and leisure activities potential.

Open flat delta
A almost flat and large open space. The surface is large enough to hold and host a lot outdoor recreational activities.

Interconnected islands
Fairly accessible from all other island. Suitable to be the prime program host of ecosystem revival. But the location is always situated inner part of the park.

Isolated and steep islands
Totally in accessible island with extreme degree of slopping. Not recommended for any visitor program and highly dangerous to public.

The new orchard park will be a fine example of urban formation and landscape that merge into a seamless symbiosis that greatly enhance Putrajaya’s image as a Garden City with intimate integration of nature within urban living. A huge measure of sustainable systems have been the drive and the main backbone of the entire scheme, upholding Putrajaya as the leading green city in the world. The saturation of borders between entities bring stronger attachment between man, god and nature, as it was intended to be the soul of the city establishment.

The Oval Of Independence
The Oval of Independence is a formal plaza dedicated to Tuanku Abdul Rahman as he brought the nation to achieve its independence in 1957. The ambience portrays openness and freedom, reminding malaysians to be grateful for achieving independence and living in such harmony until today. There is a 30 meter flagpole with the national flag waving on top.

The Spire Of Progression
The Spire of Progression is an environmental cone dedicated to Tun Abdul Razak, the father of development. the form of the spire derives from an upward movement, resembling the nations progression towards a bright future. It is a sophisticated space with various technological advancements. the inner shell of the spire is overgrown with wall creepers. It allows natural light to be filtered before it penetrates the space. in The center core of the spire sits a playground, giving it a calm interior for the users. the outer ring is fitted for wall climbing activities. its slanted underside makes the wall climbing experience a healthy challenge. A sunken cafeteria is located nearby for public to dine and socialize while their children play in the playground. this area is fitted with wifi for web surfing.

Amphitheater Of Unity
The amphitheater is the main informal event host. With a movable floating pod, the venue can accommodate multiple types of events. Led pixilated floor provides extreme versatility of event presentations. Event pod is a floating stage on water for maximum viewing capability for the audience. The amphitheater is dedicated to Tun Hussein Onn, the father of unity. therefore the idea and concept of this space involves much with the unification of a wide range of people together in one location no matter what age or race. the huge amount of people it accommodates enables them to interact with one another while enjoying the facilities it has to offer.

The Point Of Vision
The Point of Vision manifests the visionary thinking of tun dr mahathir mohamad when he set a goal for malaysia to be a developed nation by 2020. One of his instruments in order to achieve these set of goals, was the birth of an administration capital, better known as putrajaya. Despite many objections and different views about putrajaya, the city will eventually take its shape with a brand of malaysia city. The observatory deck is made of panels of windows with integrated smart glass features. This glass has electrical current passing through them, enabling them to act as screens. These screens show a rendered video of putrajaya just as Tun Mahathir envisioned it to be through his eyes. This space is on the highest elevation of this development and it is situated nearest to dataran rakyat. Visitors will be able to see putrajaya from birth to completion, as the glass slowly fades, and the current state of putrajaya can be seen from the point of vision.

The Fountain of Inner Peace 
The Fountain of Inner Peace lies within the premises of the transportation hub, and functions as a main waiting area. It acts as a solitary enclave which provides ample space for social and learning activities within its public space for daily commuters and other users as it is located near the public transportation hub as well as the monorail lines. The fountain consists of 3 tiered sunken plazas, each with its individual privacy gradient facing The Fountain. The upmost level of the fountain is the Public Ring. It is directly accessible to Taman Rakyat and the water front. The first tier is called the Social Ring. Four flights of steps or a ramp for the disabled will allow access from the Public Ring. This semi indoor area has temporary work and surf hotspots, meeting and discussion rooms, and newspaper reading areas. This Ring is meant mostly for the public waiting for the next boat ride from Taman Rakyat to other parts of Putrajaya.

The Second tier is called the Knowledge Ring, also accessible through four flights of stairs and a ramp. Here, the public are able to read various reading materials such as novels, magazines, and other books found in a typical library. A large variety of educational school books are also available as many temporary study cubicles are available around this Ring. Interactive screens are located at strategic points within the Ring for up to date information and news. The third tier has the highest privacy level as it is located nearest to the water body and the fountain. This tier has been named the Reflection Ring as it is in this area where Tun Abdullah’s Poem can be heard.

The whole urban project was grounded to a sustainable development for the city. since its concept and implementation stage, various green design strategies have been the mould for the entire outcome. A huge measure of sustainable systems has been the drive and the main backbone of the entire scheme. relation to all the active and passive spaces as well as consideration towards our tropical climate have been taken into account.

Rapid Prototyping Model
The design intended to mimic the natural landscape contour. The complex geometry of the natural setting is modelled using the latest NURBS technology software to achieve realism of dynamic contour and believable nature geometry accuracy. The computation of construction dimensions and form generated by programming scripting software. The geometry is fixed and cleaned later using physical prototyping software before proceeding to model and drawings production.

Modelling Software : Rhinoceros 3D
Scripting Software : Grasshopper Plugin
Prototyping Software: Magicx 4.0

Rapid Prototyping Machining Time: 40 hours.

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First Prize Winner Putrajaya Holdings Urban Design Competition [National]
Category 1-Enlivening Putrajaya Urban Public Spaces
Honorable Guest Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
29 February 2012

Consequences of Urbanism Exhibition 2012
Master of Architecture Urban Design Studio Sept 2011-Jan 2012
at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam
27 Jan-1 Feb 2012

Ravage of the Planet 2011 International Conference
hosted by Wessex Institute of Technology, United Kingdom
at Dewan Sri Budiman, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam
13-15 December 2011