Project Tittle : Pseudoberg (2012)
Site : Antarctica
Type : International Evolo Skyscraper Competition 2012
Collaborators :Khairul Izzuddin Hiffni, Fawwaz Zullkefle, Al Aiman
Project Team : Qhawarizmi Norhisham, Yasmin Rahman


The Official Pseudoberg boards submitted for the competition are as the above. Dimension : 2 Nos 24″(h) x 48″(w) boards Registration Number : 0616

Global warming refers to the rising average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans as well as its projected continuation. An increase in global temperature will not only cause sea levels to rise as it melts the polar ice caps, but it will affect the ocean’s underwater current. This phenomena is a thermohaline circulation, better known as The Great Ocean Conveyer Belt. This ‘conveyor belt’ is a simple concept driven by the density differences in the ocean flow. Temperature and salinity determine the density of ocean water with colder and saltier water being denser than warmer water and fresher water. Oxygen gets mixed into the ocean by the turning action of waves, currents and tides on the surface, but it is the great ocean conveyor that takes oxygen to the deepest ocean depths. The conveyor moves surface water warmed at the equator towards the poles. As the water cools it becomes denser and sinks to the deep ocean taking life sustaining oxygen with it. As global warming warms up the poles, it removes the difference in temperature between the poles and the tropics and will automatically stop the conveyor which is driven by heat differences. These effects are profound as the Arctic ocean could be ice free in the summer by the end of the century. When this conveyor stops, we lose oxygen on the bottom of the ocean and we start the mechanism of mass extinction. Pseudoberg is a vessel skyscraper that will be deployed in the icy waters of Antarctica. With internal heat transfer mechanism, the towers regenerate the lost icy shorelines and restore the frozen land during the dark 6 months of south pole night sky. The Pseudobergs will help the Earth Conveyor Belt to remain in motion as it has been for thousands of years. Skyscrapers once known as one of man’s largest contributor to the production of carbon dioxide, may now be the only solution to reverse their cause global warming in a land at the bottom of the world where the sun rises and sets only once a year.

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Evolo Skyscrapers 2 - PSUDOBERG

ENVELOPE: Architectural Review 2012
Open Exhibition + DesignLab & Makmal Series
Gallery FSPU, UiTM Shah Alam
1 February 2012