Proton International Headquaters

Project Tittle : Proton International Headquaters (2012)
Site : Lot 4c18, Putrajaya, Malaysia
Type : Office tower and showcase podium design proposal
Designer : Qhawarizmi Norhisham

Structural System : Concrete sheer core + voronoi exoskeleton steel frame system + self supported twisting steel wind walls
Foundation System : R.C raft foundation and concrete piles
Floor System : Composite floor construction with sheet metal decking with internal casted chilled slab pipings.
Wall System : Solid wall system – light concrete filling with cement fibre board form work
Cladding System : Composite aluminium panel
Glazzing System : heat strengthen low e glass

Proton is one of the nation’s catalyst project that prepare the nation’s industry for the future of post oil economy.

After the unprecedented loss in total of RM937millon in the past 5 years, proton is still recovering its losses. the brand’s credibility is flat bottom and its about time the group  restrengthened its brand. The current issues and future challenges calls for radical solution, vital for  the group survival and recovery; is to build a new international headquaters tower that will postion proton with the global carmaker once again.  The new international headquaters tower will physically mark the transition age of proton resurrection to its golden age again.

Green basement design
Low energy basement design

The basement is designed to exploit the site exposure to constant air movement from the lake towards the site. The edge of the basement facing the lake is used as the main natural ventilation inlet and outlet to ensure healthy and comfortable environment even in basement carpark. The terraced carpark allow more natural light penetrate into the carpark. to futher enhance the natural lighting to reach deeper in the basement, a prism slope is used to help reflect sunlight from above into the depth of the basement.

Hybrid typology core
Side-central core

The core is designed to take positive attribute of both side and side core typology. The idea was to design a hybrid core that has high efficiency as a central core, with the low energy consumption of the side core. The combination of both core typology not only has low energy consumption, but the introduction of vertical turbine take the energy deficit to be positive. The self sustaining approach in designing the core also contribute to proton’s image of being a more efficient organization and environmentally responsible.

World class office + landscape

The relation of man and nature is an undetachable bond. the landscape narate the idea of vertically of space to an illusion of horizontallity with landscaped deck. these direct implementation of natural elements with the working environment create a new dynamism of ‘external space’ in the office. These landscape deck serve as the sosial corridor that link all office space on the high zone via a slanted conveyor lift. these not only break the horizontallity of the office spaces, but also redefine the motion of movement and circulation fluidity beyond the ritual going into the lift core.