Psychiatric Health Nucleus (PH.nue)

Project Tittle : Psychiatric Health Nucleus (2011)
Site : Kampung Melayu Subang, Shah Alam, Selangor
Program : Post Treatment Psychiatric Clinic, Recreational, Educational, Community Facilities.
Designer : Qhawarizmi Norhisham

There were many interesting comments I received from this project and later at the end of the article I would really love to hear what do you think about the project.

Firstly, the project is (obviously) trying to break the monotonous health care facility build form and challenge the sosio-political and economy strata of the typology. The language of the building can be really confusing, or should I say that it doesn’t speak any particular architectural language. But I do believe that the balancing and the building composition that I carefully worked on, some how speaks as a whole.

But, just like my other projects, result is only reveals itself at the end (or final) stage of the journey. The conceptualization of the project took me into deeper thought of the condition and attribute of sanity. How sanity and insanity can be conceived? As a result of that thinking process, I wrote a series of sentences to represent the fragments of thoughts, entitled Images of Absurd Reality.

Images of Absurd Reality
The vision, the prophecies and the bogus

Images of absurd reality discuss about the vision, prophecies and the bogus of the future, post current, pre current and the future. The images referring to the sight, the view and the thought that happened, and happens in mind that involves the notion of time and reality. As the images are never referred to be current, the reality which is always current can be interpreted absurd. Another way to look at it is by understanding of what reality is made of. Reality is formed by the general acceptance of fact that public submit to, or highest reoccurrence of absurd matter. Absurd in the sense of reality is only bordered by time and the mind. As the absurd and reality are always switching with each other, the images of the vision and prophecies might just be the same.

The bogus projecting pseudo images that come from the mind of the dark smear the boundary of the absurd and reality. And it will continue until the end of time where absurd and reality is one. The minds that imagine the absurd as reality and the reality as the absurd are gifted. Gift is referring to the extension of senses that ‘normal’ people don’t possess. This gift; the ability to browse the images of the absurd and reality in one projection can be constructive or detrimental. These individuals can be unprecedentedly successful in fulfilling their visions or drown in the self projected bogus images that lead to self destruction. With the absurd becoming reality and the absurd becoming the bogus, who will stand and salvage these individuals from the warp hole of thoughts?

Today we can really see the need for mental health care  facilities has risen with extreme pressure of living in the urban area. This situation can be further discussed with the emergence of awareness with regard to mental illness. The project is situated in Kampung Melayu Subang and forms as a part of the nortern region of the city of Shah Alam.

With a population of 13 123, the area thrives rapidly with housing developments upraising around the settlement. Modern housing development of Mah Sing to the North and Bukit Jelutong on the South rapidly transform the demographic conditions of the village. The new Guthrie Corridor Expressway cuts through the west of the village putting rapid urbanization on the go. These new developments also cause urban plague due to economic and social reasons. The area populated by low income groups become the victim of the higher living cost and stressful environment.

This current scenario affects the resident’s health condition which is vital for them to earn their living. Even more vital is their mental health as it is easily forgotten due to their busy schedule. Their mental health is at risk of meltdown as they struggle with the hardship of life. There are many psychiatric vulnerable individuals that have been reported to commit crime and irrational actions around Kampung Melayu Subang. The suppressing living condition in the area plus the insufficient outlets to release their tension, result in mental instability. To make the situation worse, the awareness and knowledge about mental health is very low among the residents, thus take mental wellness lightly. Due to lack of understanding about mental health, stigmas about mental disorder easily spread and discriminating mental handicapped individuals.

The project aims to provide quality psychiatric services to Kg. Melayu Subang and the surrounding area.  The proposal also aims to educate and increase public awareness about mental health and eliminate stigma in society trough exhibition and public seminars. At the same time, the proposal will improve daily life of the community with public facilities that can be used for communal purposes. In a longer period of time, the proposal will expand and include research institution solely devoted to mental illnesses. These long term plans also include a psychiatric academy to train more qualified psychiatric doctors and nurses to cater the huge gap of population to doctor ratio.

The programs are laid out one by one to better understand the content of the project, context and philosophical thought that upholds the design process. A complete set of plans demonstrate the void as the center and the programs as a wall that protects that tranquility and peace, thus create a sureal internal spatial quality.

The large void in the building also instantly scales down a visitor to feel very tiny and humble, as the spatial psychology effect suggests how weak we humans are and we should ask for health and inner peace from God. The sudden volume release when entering the center of the building injects the needed spatial satisfaction and brings the feeling of hope. Flying lines of the cones and escalators create direction to the eye in the large spatial void and serve the building as vertical connectors and indoor air quality regulator.

Under construction.

The project really pushes the boundaries of health care facilities by introducing highly dynamic spaces. Away from tightly determined rooms of medicinal purposes. The mega void in the center of the building is the heart of the building. Just as the void of mind or the emptiness of it is actually the heart or the driver of the mind.  The project comprise of many individual details, in which can be summarized by the exploded axonometric below.


Rendered in Clay mode to appreciate the building in its purest form.

Environmental Design

The project uses both natural and artificial mean to run and with minimal consumption of resources. The systems and environmental design features can be easily understood from the diagram below.

Technical Study
Complete number of drawings produced for the project are as the following:
AO Sheet – 5 NOS
A1 Sheet – 9 NOS

A detail cross section which was composed within 2 AO size papers are displayed below.

1st Prize/Best Design Award UAC Architecture Student Design Award 2011 [National]
Inter Varsity – Category A
Royale Bintang Hotel, The Curve
2 November 2011

1st Prize/Best Design Award UAC Architecture Student Design Award 2011 [University]
University Level – Category A
Gallery FSPU, UiTM Shah Alam
28 September 2011

Best Design Award Semester 08
Appreciation Night, Dewan Sri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam
May 2011

3rd Prize/Honourary Mention  Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2011 [National]
Eco Design For Better Living
Designer : Qhawarizmi Norhisham

Student Choice Award  Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2011 [National]
Eco Design For Better Living
Designer : Qhawarizmi Norhisham

ENVELOPE: Architectural Review 2012
Open Exhibition + DesignLab & Makmal Series
Gallery FSPU, UiTM Shah Alam
1 February 2012

Ravage of the Planet 2011
hosted by Wessex Institute of Technology, United Kingdom
at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam
13-15 December 2011

Putrajaya Holdings Exhibition
Experiential Learning For Sustainable Development
Public Viewing Exhibition & Survey
15 – 16 November 2011

PAM Annual Student Exibition One Utama 2011
One Utama Shopping Center
3 Oct 2011 -9 Oct 2011

XXIII Architectural Workshop 2011 – TERANG!
Univesiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Skudai
12 June 2011-14 June 2011