KFC Skydine

Project Tittle : KFC Skydine . Concept Restaurant  (2012)
Site : Hypothetical Urban Setting
Type : Design Idea Competition
Project Team : Qhawarizmi Norhisham

The main intention of the project aims to portray KFC in a timeless fashion whereby simplicity of the structure elevates the brand seamlessly. The traditional red portal has been reintroduced as a vertically projected  portal penetrating into the restaurant directly from the entrance without eliminating its function as the main entrance access. This vertically projected portal leads the customers to the elevated main dining square where they are splendidly greeted by the spacious  space and its wide open surrounding views. The physical relationship between the customers and the public are mutually enjoyed, thus demonstrating the entire structure as a living advertisement to the public. As the customers pass once again through the vertical portal, they are bestowed with the brand’s lasting impression.

Grand Prize KFC Design Challenge
in search of iconic KFC restaurant designs
by KFC Holdings Malaysia Bhd.
Annexe Gallery, Central Market, KL
26 May 2012