KFC Glass Bucket

Project Tittle : KFC Glass Bucket . Concept Restaurant  (2012)
Site : Hypothetical Urban Setting
Type : Design Idea Competition
Designer : Qhawarizmi Norhisham

As far back as our memory takes us, the KFC Bucket has always been a household name loved by the entire family.
The design approach revolves much around the togetherness within the family circle, therefore, the design is centered within a lush green garden fit with our tropical environment.
All three dining areas sit around the green void, enabling the customers to enjoy the greenery.
The children playing in the garden further propels the spirit of family within the KFC restaurant.

The triangulated shape of the two different glass panels circling the facade  help reflect heat and reduce glare into the building.
The classic KFC portal is translated in two endless circular red ribbons smoothly binding the building together.
The circular shaped form maximizes the facade perimeter, thus allowing better view of the surrounding as well as esthetically enjoyable from afar, leaving the whole family with an engraved family experience in KFC.

KFC Design Challenge
in search of iconic KFC restaurant designs
Annexe Gallery, Central Market, KL
26 May 2012