Institute of Mental Athelicism

Project Tittle : Institute of Mental Athelicism (2012-2013)
Site : Cyberjaya, Sepang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Program : E Sport Complex
Designer : Qhawarizmi Norhisham

Gaming plays a major role of the survival and success of mankind civilization. Historically games in fact resolve real life problems, which people today do take for granted. Jane McGonigal in her book, ‘Reality is Broken’ urge and encourage today’s society to play more games as it is a human race asset in the ever challenging world.

The effects games can have in a society surpass enhancement of individual skills and senses, but also include social and real life relationships. But dedicated spatial qualities still have not been developed for the purpose of gaming. The current scenario we have seen gaming events has taken place in large open space such as a hall or convention center that lack in character, result in compromised visitor experience and sub-par event quality. As the Malaysia gaming culture grows, there is a rising demand for world class facilities for e-sport event and research and development agency that pursuit gaming excellence and real life implication.

In order to ensure continuous and healthy gaming advancement in Malaysia, new facilities that promote gaming and its benefit must be placed in the urban centers. As games become more mentally demanding, a serious investment in strengthening mental athleticism is maybe the only chance to compete in the major gaming league. As pioneers of gaming industry already demonstrated to the world, games are not only for fun and leisure, they are suggestions of future life improvements and technological advancement.

IofMA Night View
Institute of mental Athleticism from Persiaran Cyberview Selatan

The Institute of Mental Atheletism is an event complex, research and training center that propel the development gaming industry in Malaysia. The Institute is designed to be in constant state of instability. The spaces are in constant and ongoing change creating a multitude of experience to the user. The complex is designed to be sustainable beyond resources consumption efficiency, but to be able to host programs that might be held in the future.

The designed breaks into seperated but intergral components that works autonomously from one another, but at the same time compliment each other and can work together. These components are, The Institute, The Event Hedron, The Living Room and The Offices. The complex embodied the sprit of dual nature in spatial configuration that can morph and respond to the multiple events type that would be held by the operator.

Living Room
Institute of mental Athleticism Living Room Atrium

Versatility of architectural event space has long indulged in the sheer size of its spatial quantities. This relationship of bigness and versatility of a space is no longer relevant due to the expansive operation cost. This scenario urges versatile spaces to operate in other basis other than sheer size.

Versatile event space in the past, work solely on the basis of the space is large enough to accommodate a program or an event. But they did not satisfy the need of unique physical space attribute of a gaming event. Not all program demand enormous amount of space, but rather a unique characteristic of surface profile and/or wall and ceiling feature that satisfy the gaming event program spatial need. In order to achieve such quality, the idea of implanting space with artificial intelligence and mechanics that allow them to morph, alter and respond to the user need must be explored. A new principle based on mass displacement and servicesing surface profile will be formulated to achieve space versatility; detaching from the idea of flexible space that based upon shrinking and expansion of space volume.

blakanglast plss
Institute of mental Athleticism South facade

Scenario 1- Events are virus that spreads

Events in The Institute will stimulate a virus spreading in a biological matter. The virus will not only infest on the host, but also spread and infect other parts of The Institute. Since events in The Institute are vaguely bounded, an event starting on one space can easily spur out of its initial ignition point into other spaces. These endless possibility of virus programming in The Institute make instability a unique feature that inject a surreal environment in The Institute. Yet, there are some spaces would be immune to any changes, and deter off any inconsistency in order to maintain balance.

Scenario 2- Circulation are celebrated

Circulation are celebrated as the prime space, as it is the only space that stable in The Institute. The circulation will be the only stable space in The Institute. Since the circulation will be most likely be the in between spaces that pit between two or more programs, the circulation will be the vein of The Institute that bring out activities in the space beyond their initial designated boundary. These flowing strings of events can generate interest of user in other spaces trough demonstration in the circulation spaces.

Scenario 3- Intersection of programs, are points of ignition

One program’s activities will affect neighboring programs and creating an overlapping effect of activities. What will be the most interesting activities in The Institute will not be the activities happening in the space, but the overlapping area that creating some sort of hybrid activity. For example, a gaming area in overlapping with cafeteria, it is interesting to see how user going to use the overlapping program’s space. The idea is to somehow create an unstable area where the user can impose their own activities, thus creating a new program in the intersection area.

Scenario 4- Shutdown/ Operate Autonomously and Collectively

The Components of The Institute can operate autonomously or/and together. Despite of instability of The Institute the whole complex host programs with different users, operation time and privacy gradient. These components of programs must be able to be shut off from other parts of The Institute (if needed) and still allow other component to function as usual without any disturbance. When all components are in operation, The Institute will benefit from complimentary nature of each component working together to enhance each other spatial experience and efficiency.


Comments and feedback are welcomed
Qhawarizmi Norhisham.


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